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      BOVET 1822 FLEURIER 19THIRTY</p>
      <p>House of Bovet replica watches 1822 announced its new 19Thirty series.</p>
      <p>The 19th century collection was inspired by the latest pocket watches made by Maison BOVET, before the arrival of the watch era. Its balance is inherited from the style details of the "Easel" Observatory, which was patented in 1930 and symbolizes the transformation to the watch.</p>
      <p>The 19Thirty collection was exhibited in steel in 2015. The movement was developed specifically for this series, and the quality of its execution and surface treatment meets the same standards as the Grandes complication. A seven-day power reserve is available in just one barrel.</p>
      <p>Mr. Pascal Raffy, owner of BOVET 1822 replica watches luxury, hopes that the series offers two different cases. The iconic Fleurier case features a bow and crown, with a 12-point position, while the traditional Dimier case has four speakers. Both of these conditions are consistent with the tastes and standards of collectors around the world.</p>
      <p>The passion of the collection and the enthusiasm of the collector prompted Mr. Raffy to provide a 19Thirty red gold case that can be customized to the taste of the collector.</p>
      <p>This year, the collection demonstrates Mason’s dedication to Art Deco, offering a luxurious “Fleurisanne” engraving, including an hour and minute dial, and a second counter that forms eight tables: a wearer symbolizing luck and prosperity.</p>
      <p>Bovet’s outstanding engineering brightness is reflected in the ergonomics of the 19Thirty series, which features a 9 mm thick, 42 ​​mm wide case.Urwerk UR-100 SpaceTime</p>
      <p>The beautiful elements of the dial and case combine with impeccable timing, reliability and seven-day power reserve to create timeless, classic and exceptional timepieces that can be worn every day and every second becomes an elegant moment.</p>
      <p>technical details<br>
      Model: Fleurier 19Thirty<br>
      NTR0023, red gold<br>
      NTR0024, red gold<br>
      NTS0015, stainless steel<br>
      NTR0016, stainless steel</p>
      Type: Fleurier<br>
      Diameter: 42 mm<br>
      Material: 18K red gold or stainless steel<br>
      Waterproof: 30 meters</p>
      Movement 11BM04<br>
      Type: Manual winding movement<br>
      :153⁄4 ”’ Frequency: 21’600 v / h<br>
      Power reserve: 7 days</p>
      Hours, minutes, sub-seconds, power reserve indicator</p>
      Blue or black round brushed dial, Roman numerals<br>
      Hand-carved elements with "Fleurisanne" motif</p>
      Full leather crocodile skin watch<br>
      Buckle: 18K red gold or stainless steel strap</p>
      BOVET 1822 AMADÉFL EURIER Chinese Dragon
      <p>Bovet 1822 displays a series of unique timepieces that highlight the history of the Chinese dragon, a biological composition that has not less than nine animal characteristics, symbolizing power or emperor, while embodying the power of nature.Porsche Design replica Watches</p>
      <p>It takes about a hundred hours to make each dial, and the details are so fine that the work requires a binocular microscope and a brush consisting of a single bristles.</p>
      <p>This is a major challenge for artists who draw each one by hand on the small surface of the mother-of-pearl dial. The dial features the Amadeo Fleurier 43mm timepiece, highlighted by the iconic convertible case, allowing collectors to enjoy their artwork, such as a watch or pocket watch, or display it as a desk clock.</p>
      <p>The history of Maison BOVET began in 1818, where the outstanding performance of the Bovet brothers in the art of decorative arts and technology attracted the Emperor Jiaqing, his successor, the Emperor Daoguang and his distinguished guests, which aroused the enthusiasm and recognition of art collectors.</p>
      <p>Two centuries later, the special connection between BOVET 1822 and Chinese history remained intact, inspiring Mr. Raffy, owner of BOVET 1822, and his craftsmen, who decorated the collector’s wishes by providing them with unique timepieces. The decorative arts of these watches reflect their passion for ancient times. History and art.</p>
      <p>With this exclusive offer, the craftsmanship of the small painter is once again combined with the creativity of the House of Representatives technicians, and the most discerning collectors and their successors are amazed. It continues the value and symbol of ancient culture, as well as its unparalleled long-standing expertise, and has now united Maison BOVET with the Kingdom of China for 197 years.Graham Chronofighter oversize 2OVGR.B16A</p>
      <p>technical details<br>
      Calibre 11BA12<br>
      Type: automatic winding movement<br>
      :111⁄2 ”’ Frequency: 28’000 v / h<br>
      Power reserve: 72 hours</p>
      Hours and minutes</p>
      Type: Amadéo® Convertible System<br>
      Diameter: 43 mm<br>
      Material: 18K red gold or platinum<br>
      Waterproof: 30 meters</p>
      Mother-of-pearl dial with miniature paintings</p>
      Full leather crocodile skin watch<br>
      Buckle: 18K red gold or white gold strap</p>
      Gold plated silver or rhodium plated silver</p>
      AF43601, "Golden Dragon" design, unique<br>
      AF43604, "Red Dragon" design, unique works</p>

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